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The E Team!

We have brought together a team of innovators to create our groundbreaking new vessel. We are excited to introduce them to you.

CEO / President
Joseph Visconti

CEO / PRESIDENT - Joseph is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 25 years of senior-level executive experience in fields including financial services, real estate, media, manufacturing, and sales and marketing.

Senior Electrical Engineer
Jean Marc Zanni

SENIOR ELECTRICAL ENGINEER - Jean Marc brings to Twin Vee a wealth of knowledge in fluid dynamics and marine engineering. He currently serves as the President of AE&M engineering, Inc which specializes in integrating solutions for marine and industrial automation projects.

Design Engineering Manager
Ryan Chickos

DESIGN ENGINEERING MANAGER - Ryan Chickos is a mechanical engineer from Jensen Beach, FL. He is highly skilled in prototyping, Research and Development, and military aviation. Prior to joining the team at Twin Vee, Ryan started the groundbreaking composite engineering company, Lucid, Co., which he still owns and operates.

Vice President / Design / Development / Production
Preston Yarborough

VICE PRESIDENT / DESIGN / DEVELOPMENT PRODUCTION - Preston Yarborough brings over 23 years of marine engineering experience to our Team. Preston has been a managing member of the Twin Vee Team since 2002. In addition to his positions of Vice President and Director of Product Development, he holds a seat on the Board of Directors of Twin Vee Catamarans, Inc.

Chief Technology Officer
Jay Foster

CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER - Jay Foster has been working as a Web Developer, Graphic Designer, and Online Marketing specialist for over 20 years. He has developed all ranges of projects from social media marketing campaigns, UI/UX Design, Company Branding, and Developing Professional informational websites.

Associate / Development Squad
Joseph S. Visconti

Joseph is an undergraduate student at Bates College majoring in economics and running cross country. He is working with the team to help develop and coordinate Twin Vee’s electric boat branch. Previous to working on Twin Vee electric, Joseph worked in the parts cage as an inventory manager and skilled laborer in the Thermoform department. He is a graduate of Christ School, an all-boys boarding school in Asheville, NC where he was an all-state xc runner.

Production Manager
Tim Whybrew

Spent 25 years working for two different Burger King franchises in Reno, Nevada. Hired as a crew member in 1992- promoted through several levels of management in the first year, and became the general manager in 1993. In 2002 I was promoted to district manager, where I oversaw 17 Burger King units. In 2014 I was promoted to senior district manager and oversaw an increase of 25 Burger King units between Reno, NV and Sacramento, CA. Additionally, I achieved a managing director position at Ken Grefory Produce in January 2018 and held the position for 2 years until covid-19. As a result of my leadership, the service territory expanded 25% under my guidance.

Team Leader / Manufacturing Facilities
Dylan Graham

Dylan serves as the team leader within the manufacturing facilities at Twin Vee. Dylan is highly skilled in technical boat building and marine engineering. At Twin Vee Dylan oversees assembly, rigging, and fiberglass finishing. In Dylan’s free time he enjoys fishing and boating with family and friends.

Fiberglass / Marine Assembly
Daikel Dumont

Daikel is an expert in fiberglass finishing, marine assembly, and rigging. He has been a member of the Twin Vee team for over 5 years. Outside of work Daikel enjoys fishing with his family, swimming, and boating.

Director of Operations
Lollie Ball

Lollie is Twin Vee’s eyes and ears within the boating industry. Lollie has worked for over a decade within the marine industry, more than half of her time was spent at Twin Vee. Lollie’s experience in dealer relations and sales makes her one of the most valuable employees on our team. Additionally, Lollie is an experienced sailor and diver, she often spends her free time exploring the beautiful waters of South Florida.

Lead Sales Specialist
Sean Garrison

Sean serves as a lead sales specialist at Twin Vee PowerCats. Before Twin Vee, Sean gained invaluable experience in sales through decades of experience through being the owner of HargarG Transportation group, Consulting at Ikon, and being the regional sales manager at AXSA Document Solutions. Sean will be a great addition to the Twin Vee electric team.

Business Development Team
Luca Giussani

Luca's experience in international telecommunications and business management makes him a great addition to the team. Luca has served as an advisor to emerging countries for the restructuring of their foreign debt, as well as Chief Economic Advisor to the Hon. Mr. Gianni De Michelis, the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs. Luca consulted with several state-owned Italian contractors in the energy sector, specializing in the construction of Power Plants, including Ansaldo Energia SpA for which $1.8 billion of business was financed and built.

Rigging / Electrical Specialist
Boris Nunez-Posada

Boris works as a rigging/electrical specialist at Twin Vee. Boris has over 8 years of experience in rigging and console builds. Prior to Twin Vee Boris worked for Novurania marine as a rigging specialist.

Marine Engineer / Rigging Specialist
Brian Roberts

Brian Roberts comes to Twin Vee with a plethora of knowledge of the marine industry. From 2007-2011 Brian worked at Perry Slingsby Systems assembling Remote Operated Vehicles, after Perry Slingsby Brian worked in the offshore marine industry as a remote operator specializing in 2400vac step up transformers for high voltage crafts. Brian also worked in subsea operations with unmanned submarines. At Twin Vee Brian works as a marine engineer and rigging specialist.