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Electric Boats

Through twenty-five years of boat manufacturing Twin Vee has grown to learn that innovation and progressive design are who we are. We dedicate ourselves to creating the best marine experience for our customers by constantly pushing the benchmark forward in innovative boat design.  As a result, we have created the undisputed best catamaran powerboat in the marine industry. Now we want to take it a...

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Large gas-powered engines often leak, create large amounts of noise which often disturb wildlife, produce lots of carbon emission, and are generally harmful to fragile marine ecosystems in which our boats are used. By creating a fully electric catamaran model, we can effectively create a more environmentally sustainable boat brand. It is our greatest hope that we can be purposeful stewards of the marine industry...

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Twin Vee electric will create a new frontier for power boating sound emittance. Electric engines produce little to no sound, making it easier to enjoy the sounds of nature, family, and friends. This will also tremendously help with fishing and other sporting activities that favor noise reduction. ...

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