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Through 25 years of boat manufacturing experience, Twin Vee has grown to learn that innovation and progressive boat design define who we are. Twin Vee dedicates itself to creating the best marine experience for its customers by constantly pushing the benchmark forward in the models we offer for sale. As a result of this commitment to constant improvement, we have created the undisputed best catamaran powerboat in the marine industry. Now we want to take it another step further and set the stage for the future of boat design across the globe.

In 2021, our company will introduce Twin Vee Electric, our first-ever electric-powered catamaran combining the unrivaled ride experience that the Twin Vee catamaran is known for with a fully electric propulsion system. The environmental sustainability, decreased noise output, speed capabilities, and sleek modern design will electrify you.

Twin Vee Electric - 240 Electric

Twin Vee Electric

Twin Vee Electric will offer the same great Twin Vee power catamarans people have come to expect from our company, but with a revolutionary new spin on it. Our electric-powered catamaran will offer several benefits to our customers:

Environmental Sustainability. Large gas-powered engines often leak and produce carbon emissions, both of which are generally harmful to fragile marine ecosystems. By offering a fully electric boat model to our customers and offering an alternative to traditional propulsion systems, Twin Vee can foster a more environmentally sustainable boat brand to our customers. It is our greatest hope that we can be purposeful stewards of the marine industry and lead by example in environmentally-friendly innovation.

Noise Level. Most powerboats run at higher decibel levels, disturbing wildlife and making it difficult for fellow passengers to enjoy conversation while underway. Twin Vee Electric’s engines produce little-to-no sound, making it easier to enjoy the sounds of nature, family, and friends. Our new electric boat will create a favorable environment for fishing and other watersports and marine-based activities that benefit from less noise.

Unparalleled Excellence. The purchase of an electric Twin Vee vessel not only showcases your care for the planet but also highlights your commitment to quality. Whether you are a lifetime fisher looking for the next big catch or someone who wants to relax and unwind on their pleasure craft, Twin Vee Electric will offer the same level of amenities and features as our established and trusted Twin Vee models.

The Twin Vee Paradigm


Twin Vee offers unparalleled ride quality through its dual hull construction. Twin Vee Catamarans are specifically engineered to induce a large volume of air through the tunnel in the front entry of the vessel, creating a ride not on the water, but on the air. This engineering feat offers the most stable ride in the industry with the added benefits of speed, power, and fuel efficiency.


We choose to innovate the marine industry not because we can, but because we must. Undoubtedly, Twin Vee’s bottom line is to lead the marine industry in innovation and intellectual exploration, giving our customers the tools to fully experience every intricate aspect the water has to offer. We have done this with our PowerCat models for the past 25 years, and now we take it further with our electric model. Through hard work and entrepreneurial spirit, we have developed a fully electric Twin Vee PowerCat. This revolutionary vessel is the first of its kind, offering a fantastic option for environmentally conscious boaters around the world. Ultimate tranquility will be achieved with no loss of power or utility. Twin Vee Electric creates no noise emittance, making for your time on the water to be filled with peaceful and productive moments with family and friends.


Design and superior craftsmanship lie within the foundation of every Twin Vee vessel produced from our facility. Highly skilled men and women from around the world work tirelessly from R&D to rigging to ensure Twin Vee’s are built with sophistication and extraordinary style. We believe that making products for our customers is not a job, but a way to transfer the elegance of human emotion into marine design. We are constantly on the search for the best materials, handpicking every single item that goes on a Twin Vee vessel from the best marine part suppliers in the world. As a result, Twin Vee products boast a sleek blend of graceful style with innovative minimalist design.


Customers have entrusted us with their time on the water, and this foundation is built on our superior products. Throughout our time in the marine industry, safety has been paramount to our design and mission – in sport, leisure, and performance. To put it simply, marine safety is what we do. When riding through 2-5 ft of ocean chop on a Twin Vee, the difference between us and our competitors will be as transparent as the water around you.

Twin Vee Electric - 240 Electric


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